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The asymmetric Pétanque Ball with unpredictable trajectory !

La mollette

La Mollette? Tell me more about it!

"La Mollette" is a Pétanque game created by Christophe Abbé, sculptor and designer of unique furniture and metal objects. La Mollette’s asymmetrical shape makes its trajectory towards the Cochonet (also known as the Mollet ) unpredictable.

Combining skills and luck allows any player to win the game. A mere beginner can win over a more experienced player.

Thus, the game is challenging, surprising and fun.

La mollette

Where does it come from?

During a stay in Provence near Saint Tropez and after many visits to museums and Art foundations around Marseille and Saint-Paul-de Vence, Christophe got the idea to develop La Mollette.

By associating artistic free form with the traditional game of “Boule” the way it is played in the center of the villages in the South of France, he was able to fuse both universes and the deformed shape of the Mollette was born.

A Design and weight for an unpredictable trajectory

In order to define the preliminary shape of the Ball La Mollette, the artist uses a beet picked with care at the local vegetable and fruit market. The beet is then frozen to preserve its shape.


The anticipated results are immediate. The trajectory becomes unpredictable as it rolls toward the Mollet.

Using the beet to form a mold for “La Mollette”, he now has a Ball with an asymetrical shape and all the technical characteristics of a classic Petanque Ball.