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the pétanque game
La Mollette
let luck be the winner

You will find below the rules of the game each game goes to 11 Points, Usually people play the best of three games.

Team Composition

  • picto
  • One on One
    3 balls each Player.

  • picto
  • Doubles
    2 against 2 with 2 balls each Player.

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  • Triples
    3 against 3 with 2 balls each player (requires 2 boxes).

Technical terms


La Mène : A round. There are several rounds in a game.


La Roullette : The action of rolling the ball toward the Mollet.


La Demi-portée : To throw the ball halfway between the player and the Mollet.


La plombée : To throw the ball relatively high so it lands near the Mollet.


Le Tir au fer : To throw the ball so it lands directly on top of the opponent’s ball.


Le Tir à rafle : To throw the ball so it lands in front of the opponent’s ball.


Le Carreau : To throw the ball so to displace the opponent’s ball with a direct hit. The ball stays at the same spot. If the ball moves forward it is called a Palais. If the ball rolls back, it is a Rollback, If the shooter misses completely it is called a Hole. If the ball is hit on its very top but does not move it is a Cap.

The rules of the game!

The Game "La Mollette" is a game of Pétanque, a Sport where Skills, associated with Luck, will be make you a Winner. The misshaped aspect of the Ball makes its trajectory towards the Mollet (Little wood ball) unpredictable. You will find below the rules of the game. Each game goes to 11 Points. Usually people play the best of three games.

Role of each Player : The role of the Pointer(Roller) is to place the Mollette as close as possible to the Mollet. The role of the Shooter(Thrower) is to remove the opponent’s Mollettes which are closest to the Mollet. A player can be both a Pointer and a Shooter as needed.


At the Beginning: Draw lots in order to determine which team will throw the Mollet first. Before that a circle of 50 cm in diameter should be drawn. Each player must step inside that circle when ready to play. The player has three tries to throw the Mollet to a distance between 6 and 9 meters.

If unable to do so, the other team will then begin play.


The game Begins: Having both feet inside the circle, the Pointeur (Roller) of team A whohas just rolled the Mollet rolls the Mollette to be as close as possible to the Mollet. The player’s feet cannot leave the circle until the Mollette has touched the ground.

Then it is team B’s turn to do better by placing the Mollette closer to the Mollet. If successful, team A plays next.


Counting: At the end of each round, points need to be counted. The team whose Mollettes are closer to the Mollet scores points.

If a team has three Mollettes closer to the Mollet it scores three points.
If it has only one Mollette closer, it only scores one point. To start the next round, the team who won the last round gets to throw the Mollet.

The first team to reach 11 Points wins that game. Then a second game can be played and a third game if necessary to determine the overall Winner.

Let's play!

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