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An original Petanque Ball, the Mollette for summer fun

The box of 8 Balls to play with family, friends, on the places of villages, camping, tournaments, is available for everyone to enjoy!

The game of Petanque goes back to the Middle Ages and will go on forever...

Are you a professional ? 

(Campsites,Hotels,Restaurants,Recreation center,Associations)

For all orders over 6 sets

La Mollette Box

The asymmetric Pétanque Ball with unpredictable trajectory !

coffret la mollette

le Mollet

coffret la mollette

8 Mollettes

coffret la mollette

la Mesure

coffret la mollette

The "La Mollette" game box contains:

- 8 asymetrical balls in carbon steel, raw Dacromet finish.
The colors of La Mollette products may differ from batch to batch, even if the same color is used.
- 1 wooden "Mollet" (cochonnet)
- 1 Mesure (length 60 Inch)
- 1 rule of the game (download it in pdf)

let luck be the winner