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Win 500 euros this summer with La Mollette!

One contest « La Mollette » will be organized online for the month of August 2021. The principle is to achieve the most spectacular roller or shooter , post the video on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube to get the most likes in a month to win the sum of 500 €


The conditions to participate : 

  • The video must be published on one or more of these three social networks (Facebook,  Instagram or Youtube).
  • La Mollette must be clearly recognizable in the video.
  • The name of the La Mollette brand must be included in the description or title of the publication.
  • The hashtag #concourslamollette must be added in the description of the publication.
  • The video should not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Only one video per participant is accepted.
The participating videos in accordance with the principles and rules of the competition, may be published on the social networks and the website of La Mollette.